Jonathan Robert Willis


JONBOB - Creative raconteur. Kentucky based. Camera ready. Globally available.

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Lens Crafters
Proctor and Gamble
Tru Moo
Dawn Foods 

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Runners World
Cigar Aficionado


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JONBOB (jonthan robert willis) is a recovering punk rocker and a father of three. He received the better end of the deal when he married his beautiful and gracious wife. He jumps from city to city and country to country—wandering down stories, building makeshift studios, and hunting dynamic life in dynamic light. Patient but direct when in the studio or field, Jonathan’s got a trademark style of juxtaposing the ordinary with the offbeat and a reputation for being super down-to-earth and a born (humble) creative. Whether he’s shooting portraits of sinners, saints, doctors, rockers, white or blue collars, his approach is the same: find the balance between too little and too much. Find parameters to force creativity. Its with a looking-glass take on time and good judgment, he sets him apart 

Curiouser and curiouser
— Alice in Wonderland


Since the age of 14 JONBOB has been exploring photography. Highschool was season of trial and failure. The romance of the darkroom lead to a intimate connection with the precious nature of a photography. Since time has moved so quickly out of the film age and into the digital age. They journey or the image has shifted to ideas and communication. JONBOB has worked with international clients, magazines and followed adventure to the corners of the globe. Lately, a shift in personal work has moved his work from the digital space to the physical space. The journey to making the photograph “touchable” again has just begun. Lets see where this goes…..