Jonathan Robert Willis


Jonathan Robert Willis or JONBOB (for those who dare)

Jonbob is a recovering punk rocker and a father of three. He received the better end of the deal when he married his beautiful and gracious wife.   He jumps from city to city and country to country—wandering down stories,  building makeshift studios, and hunting dynamic life in dynamic light.  Patient but direct when in the studio or field,  Jonathan’s got a trademark style of juxtaposing the ordinary with the offbeat and a reputation for being super down-to-earth and a born (humble) creative.  Whether he’s shooting portraits of sinners, saints, doctors, rockers, white or blue collars, his approach is the same: find the balance between too little and too much.  Find parameters to force creativity. Its with a looking-glass take on time and good judgment, he sets him apart. 

What you really need to know:

  • To most it's JONBOB, for the daring it's "JONBOBDOTCOM",  for those who haven't paid on time it's "Mr. Willis".
  • Cycling is my therapist. 
  • Crossfit is my mistress. 
  • My son was named after a Cigar, and my daughters were named after Rock N Roll songs. 
  • I will not rest in peace if “Kick Start My Heart” by Motley Crue is not played at my funeral.
  • 40 countries by 40 is my goal I am 3/4 there. 
  • I have downloaded and deleted Instagram one time for each photo I have posted. Its a Love/Hate thing.


Google, Lens Crafters, IBM,  Walmart,  Kitchen Aid, TruMoo, P&G, OneSight, Dawn, EMI/CMG, SUBPOP, Bicycling Magazine, Clover, TV Guide, EyeMed, UPS, Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Jeffersons Bourbon,  Fortune Magazine, Popular Science, Cigar: Aficionado, Norton Healthcare and a many more great clients.